Dione Kuraoka
Dione started off her early years in Burleson, Texas where she played volleyball, softball, and made the B-Team in basketball. She soon realized she had more fun entertaining her teammates than playing with balls. So, naturally acting was the next step. 

Dione received her BFA in Dramatic Performance from CCM (University of Cincinnati) where she honed her craft. After she graduated she moved to LA to grab life by the balls (too many ball jokes)? 

You can catch her performing with her powerhouse all-female comedy troupe, Duchess Riot. She also performs with Side Effects Comedy , her UCB maude team, Mr. Bird, and is the voice of 'Rhumbler' in the quirky childrens' series, MUTASIA

Her hobbies are crocheting, lip-syncing, and dancing as her alter ego, Deyoncé.